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About 2048

2048 is a sliding block puzzle game developed by Gabriele Cirulli. Your objective is to move numbered tiles on the board and combine them to create a 2048 tile . 

2048 is played on a 4x4 grid with numbered tiles. When you enter the game, there will be two numbered tiles on the grid displaying the number 2 or 4. You need to use the four arrow keys or swipe to move tiles. When two tiles of the same number touch, they will merge into a new greater tile that displays their sum. Every time you make a move, a new tile with a value of 2 or 4 will randomly appear in an empty spot on the board. Tiles slide in your chosen direction until they can't merge with another tile and are blocked by another tile or the edge of the grid. Think and plan carefully before you make a move and reach 2048 before the board fills up.   

You can play 2048 free online. When you reach the 2048 tile, keep playing to unlock higher value number tiles. 

Game Tips and Tricks:

Select a corner - Pick a corner and keep the tile with the biggest value in that corner. Keep higher numbers around that corner and combine them when they match. Don't leave that corner. If your higher numbers are in the middle, it's hard to access them quickly and you will eventually get lost and lose the game.

Build a number chain - After you select a corner, pick a row or column. Then move all of your biggest numbers in a row, from smallest to largest so that you can merge tiles easier. Keep this row full of numbers so that you can move safely in three directions. 

Keep it organized! - Try to keep your larger numbers organized. If you combine them without thinking, you will end up with many large-numbered tiles that you can't merge together. 

Plan ahead - Think carefully before you make a move or merge your tiles. Plan your moves to keep your chain in order. 

Good luck and enjoy the game!

How to play

On Desktop: Use the four arrow keys to move tiles. 

On mobile: Swipe to move tiles.